Mindful Movement and Dance

The way we move and dance together influences the way we feel, live, and communicate in our lives.

Authenticity comes when your body, mind, and soul are singing the same song.

Mindful movement brings awareness to the way you dance with life

I include movement and dance in some conferences, training, and conscious wellbeing events

And it’s important to recognise that dance is not the aim, it is the medium that supports us to come home to ourselves.

We tune into ourselves, with somatic awareness and curiousity about the way the body moves and the language it speaks – increasing presence and the authentic connection with ourselves and other people.

My approach has many influences including the conscious and therapeutic dance systems of  Biodanza and 5 Rhythms, it draws on an understanding of human development, learning and relating through movement and dance.

During the Covid-19 Lockdown 2020, Julia Hope Brightwell (who I met during a 3-year movement and dance teacher training) invited me to a conversation about developing a unique system. We pooled our experience and created the Dance Connection system.   This is what I teach now.

Dance connection uses a wide range of music, Laban’s movement analysis, physiological and psychological theory is applied through the pathway which is crafted to restore homeostasis – nourish our wellbeing, authentic relating and compassion.

Some people love to move and dance, others feel self-conscious and say things like “I can’t dance, I have no rhythm”.  My experience of leading these sessions is that people with both views say they received beneficial effects. It helped them to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

The body is an essential aspect of who we are and how we show up in our world.

We move and dance to connect with our emotions, to balance the stress response system – supporting the integration of mind body and soul.

It helped me to find a very powerful side and my very soft side. In the dance, you cannot hide. Everything is shown up. I liked it very much

Vera, Austria

Embodied emotional intelligence!

In our busy lives, we can become cut off from feeling the fullness of life. When we move and dance we have the possibility of restoring our instinctive potential to feel, to be intuitive, and connected with ourselves and others.

Specific exercises enhance resilience and feelings of well-being, tensions release; patterns transform, latent potentials can develop.

We engage the body’s innate potential for restoring balance – moving to music through activation, expression, and slowing down to stillness and deep rest.

After sessions you may find yourself moving with greater ease and flow, feeling energised, confident and clear in your communication – responding to situations with more choice in the present time, instead of reacting based on past conditioning – behaviours not serving your wellbeing can transform.

Connecting with the body’s natural sensing system can give us greater insight and congruence with authentic expression – mind, body, and soul are in synch!

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Come home to the body!

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies.

Friedrich Nietzche

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