About me

I like to help individuals and organizations adopt empathic communication, for collaboration in the art of relating.

I offer NVC training, coaching, and wellbeing retreats.

To hear some of my story and how we might work together, have a listen to this 3-minute audio:

You can tell a lot about a person when you hear their voice.


Not a listener?
You can read more about my story and how I work, here.

What is NVC

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is also known as Empathic or Compassionate Communication, it’s a learnable, practical way to bring empathy, honesty, strength, and compassion into your personal and professional relationships, families, and organizations – it’s about so much more than words!

I draw on other embodied emotionally intelligent modalities too:  NLP and Mindful Movement Coaching and Training to meet your needs for lasting change,

How to work with me

We can work face-to-face, on Skype or Zoom, through webinars, in groups, on-site, off-site, by phone or even on holiday! I’ve developed a range of services to be as accessible as possible.
Whichever way you choose to work with me, throughout, you’ll be supported with a deep understanding and boundless encouragement. Space ignites clarity and insight.

You’ll adopt empowering mindsets, embody compassion leadership and empathic communication skills. We can create new systems and practices together. These will decisively move you (and your organisation) where you want to go, irrespective of the challenges you face. Learning is progressive, flexible and collaborative.

The benefits from empathy and nonviolent communication are increasingly recognized, these include:

  • the transformation of stuck situations of any description;
  • increased staff retention in organisations;
  • more productive, happy teams/students;
  • satisfied customers;
  • harmonious families.

'I now understand what it means to coach and mentor others, instead of telling them what to do! '

Jackie, Early Years Professional, London, UK

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