Biocentric movement bring awareness to the way we respond to life.  It helps us to feel more comfortable in our own skin and to realise our full potential.

Authenticity comes when your body, mind and spirit are singing the same song.


Why include Biocentic movement in my work? 

I incorporate movement and dance in event facilitation – at conferences, at wellbeing days and during specialised workshops to increase emotional intelligence through an awareness of the language that our body speaks.

To be biocentric is to embody the fullness of life, recognising its intrinsic value.

Biocentric exercises work directly through bio-regulation, to support the nervous system, strengthen resilience, wellbeing and empathic connections between people. We become more conscious and in choice about how we respond to what is presenting itself, instead of reacting based on past conditioning.

The methodology for designing these activities for a particular group is drawn from the conscious movement and dance system known as Biodanza. So, perhaps the real question is ‘What is Biodanza?!’

In the words of its founder, Rolando Toro Araneda, ‘The word Biodanza has two parts, bios (life) and danza (meaningful movement). So Biodanza is the possibility of dancing our own lives, of bringing music, rhythm, harmony and emotion into our communities and personal lives.’ I call it the ‘Dance of Life’. It has transformed mine.

The exercises offered are life-affirming and progressive we use rhythmic and melodic movements to dissolve stress-causing tensions in the body; raising confidence and self-esteem at a cellular level. The roots of this approach are grounded in science and art, anthropology, psychology, biology, musical semantics education and poetry. It’s the art of conscious nonviolence and wellbeing – great fun, immediately rejuvenating and stimulating feelings of happiness. And best experienced…

You can read about Biodanza and science research here

Biodanza sessions and Biocentric exercises are offered as part of my Conscious Wellbeing programmes, some NVC training sessions and annual ‘Dancing with Life’ retreat in Greece.

Biodanza and other movement modalities have profoundly influenced the way I coach and train with Nonviolent communication too – I understand how embodiment works! 

Hear Martiza from Denmark talking about her experience of attending a “Conscious Wellbeing Event” in Greece!

It is awareness of being alive that allows us to connect with our own identity

Rolando Toro Araneda

Who created Biodanza?

Biodanza was founded by Rolando Toro Mario Araneda, born in Chile, originally an elementary school teacher in the 1960’s with a degree in psychology, a professor of the Centre of Medical Anthropology, School of Medicine, he dedicated himself to works for creating a more humane world. He did this through creating a scientific yet emotionally enriching system using music, conscious movement and the progressive development of the group.

It takes a minimum of three years to train as a Biodanza facilitator. I’ve loved to dance for my whole life. I became an International Biocentric Foundation registered teacher in 2014. Since then I’ve specialised in working with human instincts and gained a further qualification to teach adolescents and children.

Biocentric Movement is about connecting with our emotional intelligence – full of life, care, creativity and sensitivity towards others and the world.

A series of sessions can offer benefits that spill over into your life and deepen it at many levels – physical, emotional and mental in terms of expanding your sense of identity … scientifically proven to restore balance, calm and reawaken our joy for living a full life.

It works for organisations too!

Why not consider giving yourself a taste of Biocentric movement through a Conscious Wellbeing retreat or commission a series of wellbeing events for your organisation?

Ethical conscience has its roots in the way we affectively structure the world and our relationship to other human beings.

Rolando Toro Araneda

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