NVC Parenting Introduction COMING SOON

  • Duration 1h 30m
  • Last Update August 5, 2021

About Course

This course is for parents and others wanting to create a shift with a family situation.


What is NVC Parenting?

The course will offer a short introduction to NVC in parenting and family matters generally.

You will be introduced to an NVC process that you can use any time, after the course, for creating a shift in a family situation e.g when somebody said or did something that you didn’t like.

Practicing this process regularly, will train your nervous system. You will be able access empowering states in moments (away from this course) when you are activated.

What’s the cost?

The regular price for the course is £35 you can purchase the course at a special introductory price for just £17.00

If cost is a barrier to you purchasing the course please contact me.

What Will I Learn?

  • Transform your experience of a difficult interaction or conversation with your child (or anyone)
  • Feel closer to your child (or the person who are in conflict with, or experiencing tension with)
  • Learn a method which you can use any time for moving yourself toward a calmer, more compassionate state, especially in moments when you are reactive
  • Experience a “shift” in how you are  feeling and thinking about a tricky interaction

Topics for this course

1h 30m


The shift process

About the instructor

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£35.00 £17.50

Material Includes

  • PDF of the process
  • Feelings vocabulary
  • Needs vocabulary


  • Come to the course with a situation you would like to work with.

Target Audience

  • This course is for parents and others wanting healthy relationships in the family

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