What is Dance Connection?

Dance Connection brings awareness to the way we embody life.  It helps us to feel more comfortable in our own skin and to realise our full potential.

Authenticity comes when your body, mind and soul are singing the same song.

Why include Dance Connection in my work? 

Dance Connection supports authentic relating with ourselves and each other.

The intention is to open & stimulate pathways to a life well-lived, employing the principles of interdependence and interconnection. It supports the development and integration of the whole person. It can help you release tension, shift blocked energy, and develop aspects of yourself that may be latent.

The system works directly to regulate, restore, balance and support the nervous system, our wellbeing emotional resilience, and empathic connections between people. It brings us into greater awareness of the way the body moves, expresses, and connects with its self through emotional states and personality traits. We learn to tune into the body, to listen to the language it speaks, and to connect with each other authentically.

Want to experience Dance Connection?

You can attend a class or residential retreat for your own personal development; book a facilitator to lead sessions at conferences and in your workplace.

We work with the language of music, movement, communication, free and expressive dance, through activation and mindful deceleration into stillness and connection with yourself, in pairs, small groups, and community engagement.

In everyday life “off the dance floor” you may find yourself moving with greater ease and flow, feeling energised, confident and creative and responding to what is presenting itself in the present time, instead of reacting based on past conditioning.

You will discover that mindsets and behaviours not serving your wellbeing can transform.

Hear Martiza from Denmark talking about her experience of attending a “Conscious Wellbeing Event” in Greece!

Who created Dance Connection?

The system was created by Julia Brightwell and Tracy Seed during the lockdown – Covid – 19 2020. Tracy and Julia met many years ago when they were training as Biodanza teachers. They both have extensive personal and professional experience working with mindful practices through movement, communication, and dance.

Their collective love of dance spans: disco, raving, jiving, Salsa, a love of traditional ballet, contemporary dance and Tango; Conscious, meditative dance practice includes 5 rhythms, Biodanza, Dance Medicine and Chakra Dance.  They have combined expertise in the field of human development and human potential, which has influenced the creation of  Dance Connection.

Train as a facilitator

The Dance Connection Facilitator training (COMING SOON) is in two parts. The first year offers a personal development programme, that anyone can attend, the second year offers theory, methodology, applications  and practice for facilitators. The facilitator training school in the UK is based in Wessex.

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies.

Friedrich Nietzche

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