NVC in Organisations – participant testimonials

Empowering Leaders

This course was a wonderful journey of self-discovery through developing listening skills in a very practical, direct, useful way. It has enriched my relationships with my team members in unexpected ways and had a real impact on the way I approach challenges within teamwork. I have put many strategies into practice and they have had a direct impact on team performance and the happiness of us all. Ursula, Headteacher, London

This course offered was clear, helpful and full of practical advice that can easily be applied in the real world – Gary, Finance Executive, Mindfulness Teacher, London, UK

This training helped me shift my perspective, I now understand what it means to coach and mentor others, instead of telling them what to do!  I see so many possibilities now. Jackie, Education Professional, London, UK

Tracy really brought to life the real-life application of NVC to be a more effective leader – Mark, Marketing Consultant, London, UK

Tracy’s positive, motivating and supportive style was key to the success of the programme. Her training delivery is dynamic and engaging and she provides a high level of individual support to ensure all participants get the most from the programme. Deborah -Senior Learning & Development Consultant at Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London, UK

This course has been totally amazing, it helped me consider how to clarify my own vision and to know how I might achieve it. What I learnt to do from myself, I can now do with my staff through effective coaching – thank you.
Sandra,  Education Manager, London

Tracy’s course gave me a deeper understanding of what actually conflict is. Since I have completed the course a month ago, I have been applying the techniques and my knowledge daily. I’m listening better, I’m being wholehearted and grounded in my communication at work environment but also in my private life. Anyone who is interested to have better communication skills when facing challenging situations will find Tracy’s NVC course hugely beneficial. I greatly recommended it to individuals or teams. Helena, Financial Executive, Mindfulness Teacher, London, UK


Adopting a coaching style of leadership is so powerful it has helped us to reflect on our practice on another, much higher level, and start to make changes. At all sites there has definitely been an ’empowerment’ amongst the team –  the team are not so reliant on the management team now – they make decisions and fulfil their roles much more effectively.  It has also created a more honest culture, which is something I’ve been trying to encourage for 8 years! Melanie, Early Years Group Operations Director, London

I will overhaul our approach to performance management and look to mediate with confidence rather than discipline – I will regularly coach my managers to empower them to solve their own problems Derek, Early Years Group Operations Manager, London, UK  

I learnt to listen in a way that was new to me. I found the teaching about jackal and giraffe (NVC) enlightening and will definitely work on my giraffe thinking and communication- Natasha, Teacher, London

It’s actually ok to have a jackal, I can translate it now – wow! I found the whole course inspiring and enlightening. Tracy’s courses and workshops are a brilliant way to connect with ourselves, our humans and with others in a compassionate and positive way Kathy, Headmistress, London

The course opened my eyes, I see my colleagues in a new light! Laura, Teacher, London

Lovely, engaging and fun personality – that is Tracy – guiding us all through opening up within a supported and safe environment – great stuff for our togetherness as a team Emma, Teacher, London

I totally enjoyed how Tracy engaged us all and spoke to us in a clear voice that we could all reflect and link ourselves with – Thank you – Sonia, Teacher, London

An inspiring journey that has led me to understand myself and how to mindfully support my team  P, Deputy Manager, London, UK

In conflict.. in order to accept how others are feeling, I must first recognise my own Adora, Early Years, Deputy Manager, London, UK

I really enjoyed all 4 sessions of the Journey into Leadership course. I feel I have gained a lot of insight into myself and how I communicate with others and will continue to develop myself using the principles of NVC to help me further in my personal and professional capacities. Thank you so much Tracy! Michelle – Education Manager Bromley
I have learned an easier way of communicating that is very liberating and enriches communication – Cheryl, Leatherhead

“the empathy training day was a real eye-opener. I loved exploring the different layers of empathy and the human connection required to truly practice it”

“Practising my listening and understanding skills was a really thought-provoking activity, which helped me to clearly understand how I could improve my empathy”

“The opportunity to take the time to reflect on the importance of empathy was invaluable. Understanding the feelings and needs of others will prove very useful at work, particularly when working in a cross-functional project team”.

“I really enjoyed the day and I’m glad that we’re including some work around empathy in the X Training. It’s something that we haven’t really focussed on before in any great depth and I think it’s an important aspect of customer care”

“To me, empathy means really understanding someone with the intent to use that understanding to guide what we do next. It’s viewing things entirely from the perspective of the other person.”

“I found the whole course inspiring and enlightening. Tracy’s courses and workshops are a brilliant way to connect with ourselves, our humanness and with others in a compassionate and positive way.” Kathy, Head Teacher

“I really enjoyed Tracy’s energy and passion whilst facilitating the NVC and Leadership programme. I appreciated how she created opportunities for personal reflection, exploration and practice in pairs, small groups and in the full group. I experienced this as care, supporting growth and inclusion” Barry, York

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