Tracy gets what I’m saying even if it sounds muddled or unclear,and then she gives it back to me with simple clarity and empathy, which makes me feel understood.  

Parent practicing NVC in relationship with her teenage daughter

When you know you’re learning from someone who has experienced and applied the steps you’re about to take, it gives you confidence. I teach from this basis.

This is my story

Early learner! Losing a parent, childhood trauma, being expelled from school all added up to a turbulent start for a shy yet gregarious girl. The gift was a deep thirst to learn how to negotiate life’s challenges, especially the art of relating. Self-development mastery turned out to be a lifetime’s journey.

Breadth of expertise I’ve trained with and been inspired by some of the world’s most renowned change agents and emotional intelligence protagonists such as Tony Robbins, Ian McDermott, Michael Gelb, Robert Dilts, David Weikart, Anne Gerharty, Dr Marshall Rosenberg, Rolando Toro, Marie Miyashiro et al. Invited to roll out national programmes for change with leaders in education and for a global consultancy I began teaching how to establish cultures of empathy within organisations, schools, and families.

I continue to serve organisations and schools (on request) the benefits from increased staff retention to more productive, happy teams/students and customers– are increasingly recognised. [My formal biography can be found here.]

What Tracy did very effectively was show us a different way of looking at customer service, we no longer think of it as just doing our job

London retail company

Unique Combined Specialisms Over the past three decades, a unique way of working has evolved which harnesses all I’ve learned (and am learning). I draw on three of the most effective emotional intelligence and relational dynamic disciplines:  Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Nonviolent Communication (NVC)  Movement and Dance Connection. These specialisms pave the way for creating a personal and/or group ‘culture of empathy’.

Dedicated to helping individuals You and I have some universal needs in common: to be heard, to feel empowered, nourished, understood, to be able to connect with others, to speak what matters and make a clear request even when we’re angry or facing the most challenging circumstances. I believe everyone should have access to core emotional intelligence training and integrated wellness disciplines.

As a result, I’ve maintained a private coaching practice for over 15 years. I love working one to one with those who are willing to share their stories and witness the profound positive change which comes from applying new mindsets and practices.

Family-focused with a love of the sun! As a mother and grandmother, used to the ups and downs of family dynamics, I like to think that there is not much that I haven’t heard, witnessed or experienced directly! The way Family is honoured is very important to me and so is giving myself a good balance, when it comes to ‘work, rest and play’.  Living part of the year in Greece certain helps achieve this!

Giving back for the past decade I’ve devoted my time and services to voluntary initiatives. It’s rewarding to help contribute to the education and social care sector; growth of NVC in the UK; and to various not-for-profit enterprises and charities such as Action on Addiction and Lewy Bodies Dementia Society which are close to my heart.

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