What is ‘NLP’?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming – quite a mouthful! It emerged out of studies of the brain and the way ‘neural language functions’. However, it’s most easily described as a body of wisdom about how we think, which helps us remove mental blocks and achieve our goals. NLP can also help us understand how we communicate and make it easier for us to find points of connection when it’s difficult.


The way we communicate with others and with ourselves, ultimately, determines the quality of our lives

Tony Robbins

I became an NLP Master and coach many years ago and draw on its wisdom when I’m working with clients supporting the transformation of limiting beliefs, fears, conflicts, phobias and working with trauma.

NLP has given me some great tools to share during coaching and trainings sessions,  to help you embed and anchor your goals. When applied in a mindful and agenda-less way its processes can help rocket-fuel your desires so you are inspired by a compelling future. It has certainly helped me achieve my dreams!

NLP is about empowering you to make conscious choices which will enrich your life – helping you realise your purpose and removing obstacles

Who created NLP?

NLP was founded by a charismatic trio: Richard Bandler, Frank Pucelik and John Grinder well over forty years ago. There are now many practitioners and different techniques and methods which have their roots in NLP – with the common thread that they aim to improve the way we think, communicate and behave towards ourselves and others. NLP has a very ‘can do’ and positive approach!

[There is a huge body of information and body of resources about NLP. A couple of my favourites are reviewed on this post under – coming soon!

The meaning of a communication is the result that you get

Richard Bandler

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