What is ‘NVC’?

NVC stands for Nonviolent Communication. It’s a form of mindful communication which embodies authenticity. Having studied and practised NVC for over a decade (and still learning!) I have witnessed its transformational power in relationships – both professionally and personally. NVC enables us to communicate and relate with radical honesty in ways which honour each other, our values and needs. Its principles underpin all my work.

You'll learn simple tools to defuse arguments and create compassionate connections with your family, friends and other aquaintances

John Gray, Ph.D Author


NVC is about being ‘real’ – it’s not about being ‘right’ or trying to say things to please or having an agenda to get what you want. It’s about being confident, alert and understanding so you can say what you mean and respond to situations in ways which are empathic and honour your own values. It’s also about being able to choose when NOT to express yourself!

Nonviolent communication expands self-awareness as well as your awareness of others. It can enrich life.

See how NVC has changed these individuals’ lives.

Who created NVC?

Nonviolent Communication was created in the early 1960’s, by the remarkable mediator, teacher and psychologist Dr Marshall Rosenberg. His simple yet profound principles for establishing nonviolent communication have been applied across the world increasingly ever since. NVC is practised in every arena of life – in schools, prisons, between political factions, in families, enterprises, between partners, families and friends.

My own journey with NVC

My journey with NVC started in 2005 with a day’s foundation training with its creator of NVC Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. I was inspired by his message and his presence and immediately enrolled on further progressive in-depth training with Marshall in the UK,  Switzerland and other trainers in France and in Greece before I became an independently recognised UK trainer in 2013 and certified by the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) internationally in 2016. Fiftenn years of absorbing, embodying and allowing ‘NVC consciousness’ to deepen in me – a process I am still enjoying!

CNVC is the global organisation founded by Marshall Rosenberg to support the learning and sharing of NVC for personal healing, peaceful and effective dialogue, and collaboration in organisations.

I offer training, webinars, conscious wellbeing retreats and one to one coaching and serve the NVC network through my involvement in many groups, the NVC London Intermediate training and work with NVC UK website.

Would you like to hear more about NVC?

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[You can also be inspired – as I was when I first discovered NVC – by Marshall Rosenberg’s book, ‘A Language for Life’ and other publications. Check out FREE NVC resources here ]

Want to learn NVC?

NVC training, coaching and mentoring can support you to:

  • Develop new ways of living, learning, and behaving.
  • Transform stuck situations of any description
  • Handle conflicts with confidence
  • Explore and work towards resolution of family and relationship issues
  • Parent with compassion and boundaries
  • Deepen your awareness of Nonviolent Communication.
  • Learn and development NVC skills

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