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Want to know more about Nonviolent Communication NVC?
This page contains resources to support your NVC learning and practice

Mindful breath awareness practice for calm focus

Nonviolent Communication foundation workshop with Dr Marshall Rosenberg

Introduction to Nonviolent Communication with Dr Roxy Manning

Podcast interview with Dr Marshall Rosenberg

Meet me here, speaking in a facebook “live” interview about NVC with Rose Owen and Evelina Arakelian (it was during the pandemic period)

Here are a few podcast interviews with me too!

Exploring our inner emotional world with NVC in an interview with Emma Buggy
Feelings and thoughts let us know what truly matters to us and others – they let us know what we long for what it is we need.

Biodanza needs and NVC giraffes an interview with Mark Walsh

Here is a handout to support awareness of the physical sensations you might be experiencing in the moment- change the motion, shift the feeling!


Here is a handout for you to identify what you feel and  needs/value in any moment

You can use this inner and outer 4 step process to get clarity about what is important to you in a situation

Download this handout to support young children with social conflict

Here are feelings and needs cards you can use with children


You can purchase an emotional  vocabulary card deck and a children’s book below

Feelings and Needs Card Set

You download 9 ways to use feelings and needs cards here

Moon’s Wisdom Illustrated Book


To access additional NVC resources and learn more about NVC you can find a host of videos on Youtube, events and more information on these websites www.nvc-uk.com   and www.cnvc.org

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