Do you feel overwhelmed by circumstances?

Are your thoughts, behaviours and emotional reactions holding you back from realising your dreams?

When we work together through a series of sessions you will discover how enlightening and empowering one to one work can be. It can support you to step into a new reality – transforming you from the inside out; enriching your relationships in all aspects of your life.

Studies show that it’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that makes the difference in people’s lives, which is not something we are born with, it’s intelligence we develop.

My EQ approach to coaching has developed over many years. I have an extensive personal and professional journey infused with NLP, NVC and Mindful Embodiment Practices.

I’ve worked with thousands of people around relationship matters at home in the family, and in the workplace with teams, leaders and managers.

You will consider how you relate with yourself and with others. Coaching will expand your awareness; transform limiting beliefs and behaviours and connect you with your own compassionate wisdom.

We “slow down” to embrace life’s challenges with authenticity employing a newfound resilience.

If obstacles arise along the way, you will be able to overcome these, using the skills and capacities that you evolve during our sessions together.

Many clients say that after only a few sessions: they feel less stressed, have more self-awareness and empathic connection with others. They experience flexibility in the way they view situations and have confidence in their actions.

We can work face to face, over the telephone and online. This flexibility means that wherever you live, it is possible for us to achieve what you want. Click above to find a time slot that suits you –  let me know what you want to focus on, be attentive and committed to the process with honesty, openness and reflection.

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