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A wonderfully inspiring and transformative week, connecting with feelings and needs, including a celebration of the power of anger. Passionate courageous hearts! Power  – Julia, NewZealand  more here

Online and in-person interactive trainings

(some of these testimonials were given anonymously)

I enjoyed the opportunity to have Tracy as a teacher, she is good at being fully present with the group and at holding space in a way that we all felt safe and able to express ourselves. NVC is a lifelong practice and not easy to fully put into practice in just a few sessions, but at least now I’ve started the first steps of learning it! Julia, Brighton

Tracy was an excellent facilitator during this NVC webinar and held the space very well. I would recommend this webinar to anyone wanting to gain an understanding of what NVC is and its benefits- Caroline, Bradford


It was helpful and enlightening to hear other people’s experiences of family situations that I very much related to. I was given ideas of ways to communicate empathetically with myself and family members – anonymous

I loved the warmth and safety all felt. I also loved the use of personal anecdotes about your grandson and the level of trust we all need in our relationships with our loved ones that permeated. Lastly, I loved your use of a brilliant tale, “The Velveteen Rabbit”, a poignant, lovely reminder about the tenderness of being human – anonymous

Looking more deeply into the wants and needs people to have (oh and the wants and needs apply to me too!) has really been helpful. I found having the NVC approach modelled so well by Tracy both encouraging and supportive – anonymous

Tracy gave a very personable and friendly series of introductory NVC webinars that felt very inclusive and approachable for us and other participants – anonymous

The intro session helped me realize the tight link between NVC and mindfulness – anonymous

It was interesting to see how helpful mindfulness “tools” can be in self-connecting with feelings and needs – anonymous

I really enjoyed the session. It was clear that no one is perfect and this is a skill like any other that needs practice. Interested to learn more – anonymous

NVC in Family Matters with Tracy has helped me enormously to feel more empowered and capable to meet the challenges of relationship and communication with my family, really anyone – anonymous

Tracy embodies the wisdom, skills, practice, and application of empathy, observation, connection and communicating with a heart-centered approach, making the messages even more powerful – anonymous

This course has given me hope and tools to practice, heal, and build bridges rather than be tossed in the raging waters of conflict – anonymous

Tracy’s whole self, her calm, her interest, creating a safe and warm place to authentically show up and open up was invaluable and so very supportive. Adding her expertise in NVC, the clear information, useful material, professional delivery of the messages, and organizing the classes and time to practice surpassed what I had hoped for and leaves me inspired and encouraged to learn and practice even more – anonymous

Thank you so very much, Tracy!! It was not just the class that lifted me up but your whole self that helped me renew hope and connection –anonymous

The course was a very good value for money but what I valued the most was the feeling that Tracy really cared about all of us and our situations, was so organized and professional in her delivery of the material and a gentle and empathic leader – anonymous

“I am so grateful for the opportunity in a session to work through a very traumatic conversation I had in my workplace which brought powerful revelation to me about myself and enabled me to connect with myself with compassion in a deeper way than I ever had done before. This has caused a seismic shift in the foundation of my identity resulting in more self-worth and self-compassion to enable me to connect deeper with empathy with those I love the most. Wow! I have been wanting to do an NVC course for a long time and this was the right time in my life when I was prepared and receptive to the incredible heart level healing it has brought me. As I continue on my NVC journey I am expectant and grateful for the increasing wholehearted connections that will flourish in my life, Lorraine, UK

“The training worked really well in an online format, and it was lovely to be able to access it from my home. Thank you Tracy for offering this option. I know this is just the beginning of my journey with NVC, and it felt good to be exploring it during the time of a pandemic as we collectively start to reimagine what the world might look like. I think the true impact of this training and the timing of it will only become apparent for me as time goes by. I would really recommend it!”Jo, Liverpool,UK

“I had an enjoyable experience participating in Tracy Seed’s NVC class and learning empathy. Getting in touch with my feelings, learning where they came from, and how to avoid entanglements by knowing the triggers. Tracy was very helpful with this! She will stop you if you are using “old way”s you relied on in helping others, to understand that it’s not about how YOU solved a prior similar issue, that everyone needs to just be heard and sometimes just having a “sounding board”at the time is all you need!”  Janice Johnson (U.S.A.)

“Tracy is a fantastic trainer and coach. The small group session was perfect to create a safe, open space to learn and practice NVC skills together. I have done various personal development training over the years, but for me NVC brings everything together clearly and as I apply these techniques, I can see the positive difference they make to me and others”  (Lyndsay McLean, UK)

“So so utterly inspiring. changed conversations and interactions with others and welcomed closer connections to myself and others. very very worth doing. interesting what you learn about yourself and others!” (anonymous)

“I have gained a richer and more authentic vocabulary to connect with feelings and needs in myself and others. I am giving myself the permission to check these out sensitively with others and to accept natural and well-intentioned errors. These can be clarified, leading to deeper and more meaningful connections with others” Monique, London.

“I feel that I have gained some insightful knowledge of NVC, which encourages me to be more self-aware in the way I communicate with people, understand what triggers me better and find ways to reconnect to my feelings and needs and those of others. This basic knowledge, gained in only a few weeks, is invaluable in my everyday interactions with people. I am now interested in learning more about it” –Colette, Lambeth

“Working out what I’m really feeling and needing, without judging myself or someone else, and then how to articulate that into a clear request, has been an education: it sounds so simple, I’m still learning! I will particualrly remember two things: the intention of NVC is to connect, with myself and another; and the comment, ‘It’s beautiful to have these needs – it means we’re alive and we’re human. Your needs are a gift!’ Helen, Manchester

“I really enjoyed Tracy’s warm, inclusive and approachable style of teaching. It is clear that Tracy has a deep understanding of NVC enabling her to convey the principles and practices in a way that is easy to understand. Michelle Brydie” Llanfyllin Powys.

NVC Intermediate Training

“Tracy’s work and presence is authentic and inspiring. She facilitated a powerful day and supported us to build a strong, safe and playful community” – Kezia

“The intermediate course in London was a freeing experience for me. I loved it from start to finish, although I was confused on a couple of the exercises and I’m wondering if I didn’t get it or if having self-empathy and compassion towards myself was such an alien thing my brain couldn’t comprehend it. I now use the NVC yoga handout constantly and am realising how self judgemental and critical I am. It is apparent that it’s so deeply embedded into my subconscious, that it’s second nature language to me (sad face). This is allowing me to catch myself, coupled with a technique called ‘noting’ that I use in meditation, I am beginning to understand how much I hate my negative side. I am learning to be okay with getting angry, judging others/myself (in my head) and that my search for perfectionism doesn’t exist. All emotions matter because the feelings I get when I have negative emotions are trying to tell me that either I do not agree with or a boundary has been overstepped (my needs are not getting met).

The use of Biodanza was an enlightening and freeing experience. It met my need for freedom and self-expression, I felt alive and a wonderful connection with the group. I would love to learn more (smiley face).
The group members were warm and sincere and I felt safe and able to express myself and I thank them all for that.
The session was led by Tracy Seed. I felt comfortable and safe with Tracy. Her calmness and compassion allowed me to talk freely and I also felt comfortable asking if my need for clarity was not met (something completely alien to me too). She also rocked the Biodanza! 

Although my NVC doesn’t flow as much as I would like and half the time I either get a look of complete bewilderment as if to say ‘who are you and what are you going on about’ or rolling of eyes as if to say ‘here we go again she’s using that NVC stuff on me’. What keeps me persevering with it, is when I get a golden nugget of connection and needs are met. Especially with my children, it is priceless.”Thank you Tracy ?? Nat, London

“Tracy skillfully and gently guides you through these practises, a balanced well thought out combination of dance movements, compassion and self empathy techniques.  I learnt so much more than technique, I am so grateful to Tracy for creating this space where compassion was given and received with such ease, it has stayed alive in me” –  N. S, UK

A great, warm and friendly trainer who will make you feel at ease.  A generous amount of time to go in to detail with practices and to get to know each other.  Well worth doing as part of your NVC Journey.  Heather, Sydney.



Making Space (dedicated to Tracy Seed)

I came prepared

with words I thought should be shared

and for at least the first session half

I listened with my head

I could tell by my laugh (brittle and shrill)

then your presence and careful reflecting

helped my mind BE STILL


You were tired (I could see from your face)

but found time to hear me

and opened yourself fully to the space

allowed all my words to spill out, spill out

eventually my heart spoke

and together we found that

‘though my heart was bruised it wasn’t entirely broke


And this is your gift

to see through the mess

and help us to sift

out the stories we’ve told and retold

to extract our feelings

for therein lies the gold…

(from an anonymous client)

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“I cant thank you enough for the deep support and love you gave face my daughter, while acknowledging her own pain..I was able to set boundaries for her behaviour towards me.She was able to hear it…through your incredible NVC language…Thank God for you…With all my gratitude” Caroline, London

Tracy’s words of feedback are full of kindness and humanness, yet very applicable and practical. She holds the space just right- I can express my feelings and flourish in my parenting. Parent of teenagers, London

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