Wherever you want to see more joy, respect, empathy and unity – in your life, home, organisation or school – I can help.

Establishing environments in which dreams are realised, conflicts are embraced and  relationships move to being mutually supportive is my vocation. It’s life enriching.

Cultures of empathy are open-hearted. And I agree with Aristole who said, ‘to educate the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.’

'I found the whole course inspiring and enlightening. Tracy’s courses and workshops are a brilliant way to connect with ourselves, our humanness and with others in a compassionate and positive way'

Kathy, Headmistress, London, UK

A culture of empathy – which always starts with ourselves – is a place where you’re free to be your authentic best. This is what I’ve taught individuals and families to develop, and enterprises and educational establishments to successfully incorporate within their organisations for the past three decades.

How exactly? Through liberating coaching, learning experiences and consultancy, delivered with compassion.

Individuals and families

Individuals and families

Coaching – privately or within a group – transforms you from the inside out. Where would you like to see positive change?
Conscious  wellbeing for all

Conscious wellbeing for all

Looking for personal, professional development and a joyful re-charge? For individuals or created especially for your organisation.
Enterprises and schools

Enterprises and schools

Long for a culture of care, consideration, and cooperation to blossom within your school, enterprise or organisation?

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