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Want an experience which has lasting value? Treat yourself to a time dedicated to ‘conscious wellbeing’ in highly restorative environments. Integrating work, rest and play, nourishing our bodies while enriching our inner selves can restore balance. And the benefits go home with us, boosting personal and professional life

… these two things (Biodanza and NVC Coaching) combined, connected me to a deeper aspect of myself and bought part of me to life again.’

Nicki, London, UK

You can attend a conscious wellbeing holiday or commission my service to create a bespoke wellbeing event for your organisation. I’m widely experienced in creating successful programmes to reduce stress, restore balance; foster collaboration and a ‘culture of empathy’.

Conscious wellbeing events can happen anywhere!

Each year I offer conscious wellbeing events at holistic centres across the globe. The events are restorative, giving attention to mind, body, and soul. We live together in an intentional community, adopting a healthy lifestyle; immersed in nature and a variety of learning experiences; we share, move, dance, meditate and embrace the power of compassion for realising authentic relating.

When you listen quietly to the language the body speaks and tune into your instinctive wisdom, intuition emerges. This naturally prompts the expansion and integration of the conscious mind which can positively impact the way you relate with yourself and others. 

This is what one participant shared about her experience of  “Dancing with Life”

We celebrate living mindfully, from the heart – unleashing our full potential and stepping into personal leadership, you can read more about Dancing with Life and other events here 

A ‘Conscious Wellbeing’ holiday lasts longer than a suntan!

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Fantastic workshop, the first one that met all of my needs as in doing our work and having fun in the sun – a beautiful place and fantastic food. Everything was taken care of in a way that you could just be!

Denise, UK

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