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The benefits of creating a ‘culture of mindfulness, Nonviolent Communication and empathy’ – whether in a business, corporation, early years setting or school – are becoming increasingly recognised.

Considerate, creative, happy and unified workplaces produce measurable outcomes such as greater staff retention, reduced sickness absence, higher productivity, and performance.

'Participants felt inspired with eye-opening and heart-opening moments that were perfect for a professional setting. Tracy cares about people and results!

Marie Miyashiro, Author -The Empathy Factor business book

Establishing a culture of empathy and Nonviolent Communication requires training in skills we are seldom taught: emotional intelligence, deep listening, and intentional way of being. These elements foster collaborative leadership and relating.

I’ve been providing bespoke and pre-designed programmes to support organisations, intentional communities and schools with their communication through leadership, conflict and decision making, for over twenty-five years.

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Coaching and Training

My coaching and training service is designed to meet the human relationship and business needs of your organisation or group

Conscious leadership and collaboration skills 

As well as strategic consultancy, coaching, and bespoke course creation your organisation can book:

  • Leadership & Management Courses – to discover the secrets of high performing teams; how to be a collaborative and empathic leader
  • Communication through Conflict – for managing dissatisfaction and complaints
  • 3X3Empathy Factors™  for empathy practices with customers, students, and clients
  • Nonviolent Communication® – tools for connection, conflict, and collaboration.
  • Mindfulness in a Pandemic  – effective mindsets and habits for these most unusual times
  • Wellbeing days – to harness the flow of positive stress and restore balance. Drawing on NVC, mindful movement, and meditative techniques to engender feelings of conscious wellbeing – participants create their own ‘culture of empathy’.

When trust is established and a sense of belonging is fostered with teams, clients, and customers – at every level, we create an environment where care, consideration, and co-operation is present.

Anyone who is interested to have better communication skills when facing challenging situations will find Tracy's NVC training hugely beneficial. I greatly recommended it to individuals or teams.

Helena, Financial Executive, Mindfulness Teacher, London, UK

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