Services: Individuals and groups

Coaching can help whether you’re looking for greater clarity, want to change habitual responses or overcome emotional reactions in relationships. Limiting beliefs can be transformed, confidence improved, relationships enriched, fears embraced and your goals realised. A series of sessions is like a tailor-made personal development programme.

'During our time together I was able to successfully make changes that I never imagined would have been possible. I changed jobs, moved house and found peace'

Samantha, Manchester, UK

A FREE 30-minute online consultation
will help identify what’s best for you:

  • to journey together in a coaching and mentoring relationship.
  • to learn the foundations of NVC and deepen your practice for mindful relating and inner peace
  • to apply the wisdom of NLP to overcome fears and phobia or manifest your dreams
  • to gain support with a challenging dialogue at work or home
  • to embrace the power of compassionate parenting
  • to embody empathic leadership
  • to restore work/life balance

Personal and Executive Coaching  

My Emotionally intelligent (EQ) approach to coaching and training has developed over many years. I have extensive lived experience infused with professional credentials in Neurolinguistic Programming, Nonviolent Communication, and Mindful Embodiment Practices.

Throughout, you’ll discover how authentic clear communication, self-acceptance, and empowerment are as close as your heartbeat – irrespective of the challenges you may face

Create lasting change  

I’ve worked with thousands of people around relationship matters at home in the family and the workplace. Inspiring authentic, confident empathic leadership; cooperation; collaboration, and partnership.

Studies show that it’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that makes the difference in people’s lives, which is not something we are born with, it’s the intelligence we develop.

Many clients say that after only a few sessions you can:

  • Feel hopeful and in charge of your life;
  • Tune into your inner guidance system.
  • Have more awareness and  empathic connection with others
  • Communicate honestly without insulting others
  • Experience flexibility in the way you view situations
  • Handle conflicts with confidence
  • Take action for increasing wellbeing


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One to one and group learning  

Learning can happen in individual sessions and a group,  (whether online or in another setting) sessions are enlivening and offer the unique benefit of shared exploration!

You will develop new skills and gain the insights you need to make the changes that you want in your family and work-life 

Find the right course for you

Find the right course for you here – from a FREE introductory NVC Webinar to a course in Leadership, Restorative practice, or Parenting, you’ll discover secrets for self-management, effective communication, and collaboration. Self-awareness and personal leadership can make it easy for you to create the life you desire in your heart.

'Tracy's words of feedback are full of kindness and humanness, yet very applicable and practical for parenting. She holds the space just right- I can express my feelings and flourish in my parenting'

Parent of teenagers, London, UK

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