Terms and Conditions

Before you engage my coaching, mediation training and consultancy service we will meet to clarify your specific needs and how we might work together to meet the agreed objectives.

To view my current FEES follow the links below:

2018  Fee Schedule for Organisations

2018 Individual Fee Schedule

Training and Consultancy

You can engage my services for a half day or one-day attendance.

Full agreement of bespoke services and predesigned courses, including the fee and terms of payment, is agreed with each client prior to starting the contract.

Coaching (NVC, NLP) and Mediation

You can book individual sessions and a series of sessions

The fee for the agreed number of sessions is payable in advance.

24-hour notice is required to reschedule an appointment.

Refunds are not normally given for cancellation of services.

When you book an appointment through my website, your registration data is stored on Youcanbookme. You can read Youcanbookme privacy policy here.

Events, On-Line Courses and Webinars

The content and conditions of service are explained in the text of each event listed on the website here.
Your attendance indicates that you are in full agreement with the specific and general terms listed below.

If I cancel an event your full FEE will be refunded.

If you are unable to attend an event, a full refund (less any financial costs) will be made if the cancellation request is received 7 days prior to delivery, after this date the fee will not be refunded. A credit note will be issued and can be used to attend a future course or to purchase one to one coaching sessions. This policy does not apply to international events.

Education Tour to Sweden Terms and Conditions here

Dancing with Life – Contact the Kalikalos network here

When you sign up for a course you agree to your data being stored on my website and on my mailing list which is managed by mail chimp.  You can read mail-chimp privacy policy here  andcan choose to unsubscribe from this list at any time and request that your data is removed from my website.


My coaching and training services can challenge you, your family (and/or your organisation) in ways that are dynamic, mentally and emotionally transformational.  We work to co-create resonance with the needs and values that are important to you all. The work we do together is highly likely to create systemic change.

If you or any member of your team or family have any concerns, illness or special needs that may impact the way we work together you can contact me (in full confidence) to discuss whether my service will be appropriate for you or whether you might like to engage some extra support.

I am not a psychologist or analyst.  I do not offer advice, counselling or psychotherapy.
I am a coach and trainer with specialist knowledge and professional qualifications in Coaching, Education, Training, Mediation, Neuro-linguistic programming,  Nonviolent communication and Biocentric movement (et al).  I have extensive experience working with individuals and groups; in leadership, education, family matters, personal development and wellbeing.  You can see my formal biography here. 

By engaging my service, you certify that you acknowledge:

  1. My services are for educational purposes they are not a substitute for medical care and
  2. Under no circumstances, will you hold Tracy Seed liable for any consequences for actions you choose to take as a result of engaging my service.
  3. Your contact information, work notes and purchases are stored by Tracy Seed electronically. You can have full access to this information on request. Your privacy is respected, which means that your records are confidential and will not be shared with any unspecified third party, to the extent permissible by law.


Read my Privacy Policy here

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions please contact me.

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