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Establishing a culture of empathy in your home and workplace, requires skills we are seldom taught: emotional literacy and empowerment through compassion 

'Participants felt inspired with eye-opening and heart-opening moments that were perfect for a professional setting. Tracy cares about people and results!'

Marie Miyashiro, Author -The Empathy Factor business book

Empathy at home

A culture of empathy – always starts with ourselves – a place where you’re free to be your authentic best. It requires emotional intelligence, deep listening and an intentional way of being. This is what I have taught for the past three decades. I was trained by Dr Marshall Rosenberg the originator of  Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

“NVC is a learnable, practical way to bring empathy, honesty, strength and compassion into our personal and professional relationships. (NVC-UK”

It can help when you:

  • feel frustrated because, others are not doing what you want them to do
  • get into an argument with someone
  • want to to come to an agreement with someone else
  • long for a different quality of connection in a relationship
  • feel torn and don’t know which direction to take or choice to make
  • have regrets, feel guilty or ashamed
  • are stuck in judging others or criticising yourself!

NVC makes it easier to transform situations characterised by conflict.

You’ll learn to: hear what’s important for people with curiosity; view behaviour through the lens of human needs, with a systemic perspective. You will embrace difference; express yourself authentically; receive feedback without hearing criticism and blame; find solutions to problems together.

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Empathy at work 

Would you like to speak to me about NVC training and coaching for your group or organisation?

Many people in organisations read about the power of empathy in the workplace. They attend a short NVC training or request sessions for their teams. It is important to understand that a few hours, or a day of training is simply an introduction to NVC.

To truly embed NVC practices and transform the culture of a workplace, requires a commitment to practice. It is the application of NVC over a period of time that builds trust and collaboration between people!!

Working with an NVC trainer to cultivate the mindset, skills and practices of NVC in your workplace is invaluable. 

We can discuss field-tested methods mentioned in the case study entitled ‘3 x 3 Empathy Factors: Systemic Nonviolent Communication® as Cultural Transformation’ Marie R. Miyashiro, Marshall Rosenberg, PhD and other NVC programmes mentioned in these publications. 

Nonviolent Communication — A Language of Life: Life-Changing Tools for Healthy Relationships

The Empathy Factor: Your Competitive Advantage for Personal, Team, and Business Success

Why Weren’t We Taught This at School?: The surprisingly simple secret to transforming life’s challenges

Words That Work in Business: A Practical Guide to Effective Communication in the Workplace

'The training gave us tools to be able to have complex conversations in a team of ten multicultural and multilingual members working remotely.'

Magda, Lima

NVC creates strong foundations

According to current research, empathy is the most important leadership skill.

When psychological safety is established between individuals and groups, trust, inclusion and belonging can be fostered at every level of the organisation.

You will:

  • discover the secret of high performing teams
  • communicate mindfully through conflict
  • acquire tools for authentic expression
  • facilitate creative collaboration

“One of Satya Nadella’s first acts after becoming CEO of Microsoft, was to ask the company’s top executives to read Marshall Rosenberg’s “Nonviolent Communication” a treatise on empathic collaboration. . . .  he had his top lieutenants read, and the culture that took hold from there.” Read more here

Sustainable outcomes

Some benefits of practicing Nonviolent are:

  • reduced mental health, and absence from work
  • actively listening to each other
  • fewer conflicts
  • skill in mediating conflicts that do arise
  • happy customers/students/families
  • increased productivity
  • individuals feeling at home with themselves and each other

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'Anyone who is interested to have better communication skills when facing challenging situations will find Tracy's NVC training hugely beneficial. I greatly recommended it to individuals or teams.'

Helena, Financial Executive, Mindfulness Teacher, London, UK

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