Establishing a culture of empathy and Nonviolent Communication requires training in skills we are seldom taught: emotional intelligence, deep listening and intentional way of being. These elements foster collaborative leadership and relating. I offer consultancy, training, facilitation and coaching.

'Participants felt inspired with eye-opening and heart-opening moments that were perfect for a professional setting. Tracy cares about people and results!

Marie Miyashiro, Author -The Empathy Factor business book

Bring empathy into your home and work life

 A culture of empathy – always starts with ourselves – a place where you’re free to be your authentic best. This is what I’ve taught individuals to develop, and to successfully incorporate within their family, communities and organisations for the past three decades.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) presents EQ practices and mindsets, we are seldom taught: deep listening to what’s important for each person  –  openness, curiosity and compassion.  It teaches honest expression and how to give and receive feedback without criticism and blame. It’s effective in bringing about a shift in situations characterised by conflict.

When we view behaviour through the lens of human needs it’s easier to value and respect each other’s differences and find creative solutions to problems in ways that support us all too flourish.

To learn more about NVC you can book a place on a public Foundation and Intermediate training here.

Do you know that Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, embraces Nonviolent Communication?

“One of Satya Nadella’s first acts after becoming CEO of Microsoft, in February 2014, was to ask the company’s top executives to read Marshall Rosenberg’s “Nonviolent Communication”, a treatise on empathic collaboration. . . .  he had his top lieutenants read, and the culture that took hold from there.” Read more here

Speak to me about NVC consultancy and training for your group or organisation. We can discuss NVC processes especially for your workplace and the field-tested methods mentioned in the case study entitled ‘3 x 3 Empathy Factors: Systemic Nonviolent Communication® as Cultural Transformation’ Marie R. Miyashiro, Marshall Rosenberg, PhD 

Create solid foundations 

When trust is established and a sense of belonging is fostered at every level, with individuals and groups, we create an environment where care, consideration and co-operation is present.

  • Discover the secret of high performing teams
  • Communicate mindfully through conflict
  • Aquire tools for authentic expression
  • Cultivate mindfulness
  • Facilitate creative collaboration

Empathy is the most important leadership skill according to research read more….

Build sustainable outcomes

The benefits of Nonviolent Communication include:

  • improved productivity, reduced mental health, and absence from work
  • increased listening to each other
  • fewer conflicts
  • skill in mediating conflicts that do arise
  • communities working collaboratively
  • happy customers/students/families
  • individuals feeling at home with themselves and each other

Read more about empathy and Nonviolent Communication in articles here

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Anyone who is interested to have better communication skills when facing challenging situations will find Tracy's NVC training hugely beneficial. I greatly recommended it to individuals or teams.

Helena, Financial Executive, Mindfulness Teacher, London, UK

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