Establishing a culture of empathy and Nonviolent Communication requires training in skills we are seldom taught: emotional intelligence, deep listening and intentional way of being. These elements foster collaborative leadership and relating.  I offer training to the general public and within organisations and community settings. 

'Participants felt inspired with eye-opening and heart-opening moments that were perfect for a professional setting. Tracy cares about people and results!

Marie Miyashiro, Author -The Empathy Factor business book

Bring empathy into your home and work life

A culture of empathy – always starts with ourselves – a place where you’re free to be your authentic best. This is what I’ve taught individuals and families to develop, and establishments to successfully incorporate within their organisations for the past three decades.

 I offer training to the general public and within organisations and community settings. 

Empathy and Nonviolent Communication presents EQ mindsets and practices we are seldom taught: deep listening to what’s important for each person and honest expression –  openness, curiosity, confidence and commitment.

You can book your place on a Nonviolent Communication (NVC) training here.

Speak to me about consultancy, bespoke and pre-designed training to blend the human connection needs with organisational progress.  

Create solid foundations 

When trust is established and a sense of belonging is fostered with teams, clients; families and children – at every level, we create an environment where care, consideration and co-operation is present.

You can book/attend:

  • Leadership Courses –  discover the secrets of high performing teams; compassion focussed leadership and collaboration
  • Communication through Conflict – for managing dissatisfaction and complaints
  • 3X3Empathy Factors™  practical empathy with customers, students, and clients
  • Nonviolent Communication® Foundation and Intermediate Courses – tools for connection, conflict, and collaboration.
  • Empathy and Mindfulness in a Pandemic  – effective mindsets and habits for these most unusual times
  • Empathy through the Early Years and Beyond – for parents and educators – explore what empathy looks and feels like in education and home environments.
  • NVC in Family Matters – for anyone wanting to practice NVC in their family
  • Wellbeing Events – to harness the flow of positive stress restore balance.

Empathy not only matters – it is the solid foundation for parenting, leadership and collaboration.

Build sustainable outcomes

The benefits of empathy and Nonviolent Communication include:

  • improved productivity, reduced mental health, and absence from work
  • increased listening to each other
  • fewer conflicts
  • skill in mediating conflicts that do arise
  • communities working collaboratively
  • happy teams/customers/students/children/families
  • individuals feeling at home with themselves and each other

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Anyone who is interested to have better communication skills when facing challenging situations will find Tracy's NVC training hugely beneficial. I greatly recommended it to individuals or teams.

Helena, Financial Executive, Mindfulness Teacher, London, UK

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