Corporate clients and event organisers often ask me for a formal biography. I’m happy to share this here. Please let me know you if you’d like to use this online and in what context so I can give you a link (or a ‘shout-out’ on social media) if appropriate.

Tracy is an international leadership, empathy and conscious wellbeing speaker, facilitator and coach. Her life is dedicated to ‘inspiring authentic communication which generates, respect, care and unity – honouring who we are regardless of the challenges we face’.

As well as over thirty years’ experience and being a qualified teacher/trainer, Tracy is qualified in three highly regarded relationship dynamic disciplines: NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), NVC (Nonviolent Communication) and Dance Connection and Movement. She integrates these into programmes for organisations and in personal, professional development workshops and individual coaching. Tracy delivers in a deeply compassionate way, which engenders the radical honesty true transformation demands.

Surmounting a childhood trauma and the angst of being an ‘unruly teenager’, Tracy credits her motivation and wellbeing as a young businesswoman and social activist to an unrelenting curiosity in self-development. She rigorously tested what she learned, retaining what worked and applying it to her life as an entrepreneur and young mother.

Consequently, Tracy was one of the earliest advocates of what is now commonly known as ‘emotional intelligence’ rolling out pioneering change management programmes in pre-schools in over a dozen counties and London boroughs. She continues to serve educational establishments on request.

Tracy has been endorsed as a trainer by the International High Scope Foundation, she holds a Diploma in Coaching, is an NLP Master Practitioner with timeline and hypnotherapy certification. She studied at Christ Church Canterbury, the University of Kent for her Certificate in Education and spent some time on an MA in Education programme, at Goldsmiths College. She is certified in Counselling and Mediation, is an Internationally qualified IBF Biodanza teacher; CNVC trainer in Nonviolent Communication.

Today, aside from pro bono work to support NVC, Tracy’s focus is in helping enterprises, organisations families and individuals to feel empowered to create ‘cultures of empathy’ in which respectful cooperation and creative collaboration flourish.

She recently delivered multiple empathy training for global retail organisations based on the ideas in The Empathy Factor business book and Nonviolent Communication. This training received positive outcomes for Business performance indicators like increased employee engagement, retention as well as retail sales.

Enjoying a lifestyle which includes living in Athens and London has enabled Tracy to develop conscious wellbeing programmes, including the popular ‘Dancing with Life’ retreat held in Greece which is now in its 8th year. She is committed to mindful living and contributes to several causes aligned to her values through financial support and through donating her time and skills.

Public sector clients include:
Royal Borough Kensington and Chelsea, Royal Borough Kingston, Hounslow, Ealing, Brent, Richmond, Lewisham, Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth, Hackney, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire

Private and voluntary clients include:
NCT, Children’s Society, Childcare Corporation, London Early Years Foundation (EYF), Training, Learning, Caring (TLC), Every Family Matters, Montessori Association, Kalikalos Education Centre, Rosy’s Little Village, Angbybarnens Forskoler. Aurora House, Pre-School Learning Alliance, NVC-UK. Numerous early years settings and schools.

Corporate clients include
Stuart Deliveries, Citizens Advice, De Paul Charity, Elucity Network Inc. working with L’Oreal and Boots.

Professional associations and partnerships include:
Quality Education and Training, Centre for Nonviolent Communication, the Foundation for Biocentric Education, ABTUK (former Chairperson) Director of NVC Matters UK CIC


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