NVC Retreats

NVC embodiment retreats include mindfulness, movement and dance. They are residential events offered in places of natural beauty. Embodiment is not something you think about, it needs to be experienced and practiced.

… these two things (Movement and NVC Coaching) combined, connected me to a deeper aspect of myself and bought part of me to life again.’

Nicki, London, UK

Boost your personal and professional life

Would you like time to restore your wellbeing – to have space to be heard, without judgment – an opportunity to let go and be more fully you?

Want to spend time with other people dedicated to learning and living NVC?

You can attend an event personally, or commission my service for your organisation. These events include: NVC coaching, mindfulness, authentic movement and conscious dance.

Embodying Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is not a concept to merely contemplate; it must be lived. It means feeling a deeper connection within yourself, with nature, and with others.

This is what one participant shared about her NVC Immersive experience, “Dancing with Life” in Greece

Tune into the wisdom of your body, heart and mind!

In our busy lives, we can become cut off from feeling the fullness of life and comfortable in our own skin!

NVC Embodiment is about tuning into ourselves, with somatic awareness, curiosity and compassion, it’s about how your body feels, moves and the language it speaks – it’s becoming the witness of your own experience – increasing presence and authentic relating.

Authenticity comes when your body, heart, and mind are in alignment –  singing the same song.

We work with NVC practices, mindfulness, movement and dance to:

  • Bring calm to the mind
  • Regulate the nervous system
  • Restore balance in your life
  • Nurture the human spirit
  • Deeply listen to what is present
  • Care for the soul
  • Attune to universal needs
  • Cultivate self-compassion
  • Harness the flow of positive stress
  • Connect with your unique potential
  • Express authenticity
  • Discover the peaceful place in you!

Scientifically, dancing is proven to boost happiness, it releases mood-lifting dopamine and endorphins and lowers stress hormones like cortisol – promoting relaxation.

Many participants tell me they return home from residential events feeling rejuvenated, with more understanding of theirselves and others. They feel infused with the consciousness of NVC and communicate with greater confidence, mindful relating, compassion and gratitude for life. You can read more testimonials here

More about upcoming NVC retreats here

I’m offering a series of online deepening sessions with NVC movement and dance too, which you can check out here.


'Fantastic workshop, the first one that met all of my needs as in doing our work and having fun in the sun – a beautiful place and fantastic food. Everything was taken care of in a way that you could just be!'

Denise, UK

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