NVC immersive retreats – participant testimonials

Connecting body, heart and mind!

I wanted to feel energy moving around in my body and this workshop gave me that and so much more – connection in a profound way in the body, soul and mind – and I think it will help me in my relationships with others by checking in with my own needs and feelings, I can allow myself to be more open – Hilary, UK

Working closely with you, Tracy, throughout the week was a powerful experience. You gently and softly provided the tools that empowered me to open up and unlock the wisdom and knowledge that was always there. I feel I now know and understand (and love) myself more than ever. A real gift. Thank you – Catherine, UK

Martiza from Denmark shares a little of here her experience here

Dance with Life!

Dancing with Life retreat, was a personal growth holiday with a brilliant difference. The sunshine, nature and friendships made were healing in themselves, but as well as that we experienced Biodanza, mixed with life coaching, all in a group setting. The life coaching creatively focussed our logical awareness of ourselves and our issues. The Biodanza combined movement with inspiring music and fun, playful exercises that worked at a surprisingly profound level.  Somehow, almost magically, these two things  – Biodanza and NVC combines connected me to a deeper aspect of myself and bought part of me to life again. I loved this holiday and would really recommend it to others who want to reignite their sparkle (or mojo) Nicki, London London

Dancing with Life retreat helps you to know yourself, clear your blocks and be yourself in your full potential – Julia, Australia

The main learning for me has been getting out of my head into my heart and body and expressing as a unified whole… I received unconditional love and empathy from all members of the group and the leadership enabling me to regain belief in myself again, trust in feelings and permission to express needs make a request of others with confidence and feeling of security – Mandy Australia

Dancing with life retreat benefits mindfulness- nonviolent communication through dance. – Susanne, UK

Dancing with life retreat dance-break free-balance – a deeper connection with myself and with others – fun – Jenny, Athens Greece

Combining NVC with Biodanza has helped me express myself verbally as well as physically it helped to give me the necessary understanding and empathy to connect with other people.  I have more confidence to be more outgoing and assertive in a positive manner- Patrick, Ireland

I have been emotionally stuck and emotionally fearful for a long time. Now I have started moving forward – Tomas, Scotland, UK

Thank you for supporting me on my journey to the integration with this beautiful world – Candy, Kent, UK

NVC and Biodanza combined, have given me the tools to physically and emotionally touch and hold my needs in a space of celebration and love – Emma. Aegina, Greece

It helped me to find a very powerful side and my very soft side. In the dance, you cannot hide. Everything is shown up. I liked it very much – Vera, Austria

A very practical and transformative week full of encounters and a deeper understanding of human feelings and needs. A great combination of NVC theory, practice, and Biodanza that bought it all closer together – Mariagni, Greece

I arrived and wanted to “runaway” I stayed and found that I was running towards a good place – Michael, UK

Tracy’s injections and Joie de vie encouraged me to open up and share my vulnerabilities. That in turn helped me to take some giant strides in my personal development journey – Alison, UK

NVC helped me embrace my wounds as the foundation for compassion and compassion for others – Anthea, UK

The combination of NVC practice and Biodanza and sea brings me and brings me the peace I long for. Candy, UK

I really enjoyed the complimentary systems of NVC and Biodanza as a powerful way of getting me out of my head and connecting with my emotions and feelings – which put me in a state, where I was then better able to connect and express my feelings and emotions – Alex, Greece.

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NVC Intermediate training days with Movement and Dance

The Biodanza element really helped me to feel safe enough in the gap’s – presence – to lower my barriers and request support, which is something that I have struggled to do. Tracy brought nurturing, playful energy to the day and facilitated open, authentic sharing amongst the group – Hazel, London

I have always been a little sceptical when it comes to dance and movement. What I learnt during my sessions with Tracy was that by connecting to my body in expressive movement actually connects me with ME. There have been so many instances where my body gives my true thoughts and feelings away, in ways that I never really understood – until now. Thank you Tracy for opening my eyes to a new learning edge for me. Vic, London

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