Pelion – Dancing with Life – Participant’s Poem

Fleeing the English rain

in a powerful metal machine,

I transverse rivers, mountains, seas,

descend into snuggling, swaddling warmth,

gather myself in for a journey.

A journey first fast, splashing, jumping,

then curving, winding, swaying –

stuck rigid between two seats –

I ascend, ascend this Pelion,

home to Chiron, Wounded Healer.

Homeward I bring this part of me,

to this green, serene mountain;

peach-rose sun, red-gold full moon;

soft winds; waves lapping white stones;

torrential rain; thunder bangs.

Clangs of discomfort, uncertainty;

feeling feebly forwards; toes, hands

in contact with surrounding elements;

body, head, heart-searching out

nourishment, harmony, balance.

Yin yang dancing my inner feelings, needs

How long I’ve needed to arrive here

to this place of guiding, learning;

safe, secure, held in its embrace,

rising and falling with the breath,

with the sleeping, the waking, the being. 

Nikki Bennett, 27thAugust 2018,

Alexandros, Kalikalos

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