Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Is there something holding you back from realising your dreams ?

Wherever you want to see positive change, I can help. Whether you’re looking for greater clarity, want to overcome emotional reactions in relationships – to change habitual responses to situations or something else, NVC communication coaching can support you to step into a new reality

'During our time together I was able make changes that I never imagined would have been possible. I changed jobs, moved house and found peace'

Samantha, Manchester, UK

Discover new ways of being 

Working with thousands of people from many backgrounds and cultures – in roles at work and at home, I like to think that there isn’t much about relationships that I haven’t heard, witnessed, or experienced directly!

I understand the ups and downs of community, family, and work life.

It’s ok with me if you turn up to the session, with confusion and judgements about yourself and others, I can help you tap into your inner resources for clarity.

A series of sessions can support your transformation from the inside out – enriching relationships with all aspects of your life.

I offer NVC mentoring for parents, leaders, educators, coaches and trainers too.

Connect with your deepest wisdom

You’ll discover secrets for self-connection, effective communication, empathy and collaboration – be able to skillfully listen and negotiate what’s important to you in relationships.

Many clients say that after only a few sessions they:

  • Feel hopeful and in charge of life
  • Have more awareness and ease in connection with others
  • Understand the way that human needs show up in relationships
  • Experience flexibility in the way they view situations
  • Notice more self-care
  • Feel more grounded and confident
  • Communicate authentically with empathic presence and steadiness
  • Experience “getting things done” at work and home.

Find clarity and inner peace

We uncover the source of what matters to you and get really clear about the change you want to create.

“Slow down” to embrace life’s challenges with curiosity and presence.

If obstacles arise, you will be able to overcome these, using the skills and capacities that you evolve during our sessions together.

We engage the wisdom of your unconscious mind to overcome fears, phobias, to unlock creativity – finding a unique way for you (and your organisation) to move to where you want to go, irrespective of the challenges you face.

Studies show that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) makes a significant difference in the way people think, feel, and behave.

Using an EQ framework, an embodied approach to Nonviolent Communication  (NVC)  and NLP processes, it’s possible to transform stuck situations of any description, handle conflicts with confidence; create fulfilling partnerships; discover your purpose; manage change and more!

“I can’t thank you enough for the deep support and love you gave face my daughter,
while acknowledging her own pain..I was able to set boundaries for her behaviour towards me.
She was able to hear it…through your incredible NVC language…Thank God for you…
With all my gratitude” Caroline, London

Create lasting change  

The outcomes of empathy and Nonviolent Communication include:

  • more productive, happy teams/students
  • communities working collaboratively
  • individuals feeling at home with themselves and each other
  • confident leaders
  • harmonious families
  • empathic ambassadors


Transformation happens when we are focussed and committed to the process with honesty, openness, and reflection.

My service is totally confidential.

We can work face to face, over the telephone and online. This flexibility means that wherever you live, it is possible for us to achieve what you want.

Are you ready to make life more wonderful – to connect with inner wisdom and authentic expression?

Empowerment through compassion is as close as your heartbeat:)

'Tracy's words of feedback are full of kindness and humanness, yet very applicable and practical for parenting. She holds the space just right- I can express my feelings and flourish in my parenting'

Parent of teenagers, London, UK


To make my service available to as many people as possible, I work with a varied fees scale here
Each person’s circumstance is unique.

Terms and conditions apply (see below)

Bursary fund

If you are financially abundance and would like to make NVC Coaching and training available to more people, you can make a donation below. I am happy to let you know how your donation will be used.

If you would like to apply for coaching sessions funded by the Bursary Fund, please contact me directly.

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