Participant testimonials – early years and education settings

Tracy is a fantastic consultant and trainer. Her work is always at the cutting edge of our profession.’ Beverly, Independent Educational Management Professional, London

This training completely changed my vision with music. I’m going to be able now, to plan fantastic music activities for my children. This training was the best I have attended in all my years of working with children. I would love to have a follow-up course to this.
Sarah, Teacher, London

This training had such a strong impact on me. I’m guilty of playing it safe and I’d like a lot more to be creative in my practice. I have experienced today how it is to explore to exteriorise feeling, have fun and be happy. I would love more of this!

This course was very full and I’m extremely satisfied. The only thing I’d like more of is this kind of training. Tracy is a wonderful speaker, mentor, human being! Jane, Teacher, London

Becoming mindful of movement and learning that it is so very important is what this training taught me. Movement is the key to a lot of learning.

I have come away with a changed mindset, I want to move away from so many adult-led activities and let the children express themselves freely.

I’m going to incorporate more movement into our nursery day and plan and set specific activities to do dance and to put shows on too. Thank you for taking the time to explain movement in a way that is easier to understand Brittany, Early Years Practitioner, London

Tracy your energy is so inspiring. This workshop reminded me of the importance of movement and the link with Montessori philosophy. I am going to provide more movement activities and dance may be more structured than before.
Nadege, Montessori Teacher, London

This training made it so much clearer to me about the importance of physical development. How movement is involved in everything and there is always a way to incorporate it into all areas of learning.

I am definitely going to involve more creativity and movement in my practice. Be more imaginative and expressive with children – thank-you.
Lottie, Early Years Practitioner, London

We discovered the huge variety of movement and the many ways of exploring this with little ones. It was great to learn about the science behind this too. The whole session was so inspiring.
Marion, Teacher, London

I found the campaign adventure so inspiring – please come to Nigeria, we need to learn and be educated on physical development and expressive arts.
Amina, Kindergarten Teacher, Nigeria

Putting ourselves in the shoes of the parent, thinking from their perspective was really helpful Susan, Early Years Manager, London

I really enjoyed having time to play with re-designing our outdoor play space, the practical guide for reorganising was incredibly helpful – Joanna, Early Years Teacher, London

This training reconnected me to the joy of being in nature –Sally, Early Years Professional, London

Everything was so useful, to regulate our emotions, take care of ourselves as well as the children. I will reduce conflicts – build relationships!  Collette, Teacher, London

I’m confident I will be working more effectively with my team because I know how to truly listen to them Meera, Early Years Teacher, London

Everything I learnt in this course, I could put into practice immediately, thank you Lisa, Early Years Manager, London

This course is so inspiring, it really gets you to delve into the needs and values of yourself and others – leading to better understanding – CC, Early Years Head, London

This course is enlightening and fills me with hope for a world with more mindful, empathic communication Kathy, Early Years Head, London

I’m now very happy to speak with my key child’s parents next time they have a complaint Lam, Early Years Practitioner, London 

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