Dance Connection for Children

The language of the soul

Movement is essential for children’s wellbeing.

In today’s busy world, too much time sitting in buggies, bouncers, walkers means they are not moving enough. Strapped into car seats, playing on ipads, instead of climbing, jumping and running in the fresh air means that emotions can get trapped.

This lack of full body movement and exploration of the environment limits children’s expression and can cause all sorts of delays and learning difficulties.

This inspiring video shares the seriousness of the situation – it’s called   the moving child

Movement is life, it is an expression of who we are

Tracy Seed

When we play games, dance, move and use the power of music and imagination with children they become actively and playfully engaged. Cultivate empathic connections. Have fun learning and developing freely.

Would you like to learn more?

You can attend a one-day workshop especially designed for teachers, parents, educators, early years practitioners, therapists and anyone working or caring for young children through their early years to key stage 1.

The day offers discussion and practical movement exercises that will help you to reflect on the importance of movement, emotion, identity and social expression.

You will learn about different forms of movement to support physical development and know how to use music powerfully and creatively.

You will experience a children’s Dance Connection session – move, dance, and engage in dramatic games and stories.

Benefits of this training

  • You will gain confidence and knowledge about how to use music and movement with children in your school or setting and you will understand the many different aspects of movement for; health, wellbeing, posture, strength, relationships and communication and self-expression.
  • Know how to support children’s learning in all of the EYFS Prime and specific areas through various art mediums.
  • Learn about embodiment, music semantics, and bio-development
  • Receive a list of world music that you can use.

Dance Connection is inspired by High/Scope and draws some inspiration from Children’s Biodanza a movement system created to reduce stress and enhance social skills. Featured in the Oxford Handbook of Dance and Wellbeing (Edited by Vicky Karkou, Sue Oliver, and Sophia Lycouri)

These are some comments from previous participants:

“The whole day was inspiring. It helped me to think about movement, physical development, and expressive arts in a whole new way” – Teacher, London UK.

“Loved the whole day – learned so much about how to use story and movement. I also really liked the puppet story,  it so inspiring” – Montessori Teacher, London, UK.

“I rediscovered a huge variety of movement and the many ways of using it with little ones. We learned the scientific evidence behind the importance of movement, that was really interesting too – Early Years Practitioner”, Kent, UK.

“The campaign adventure so inspiring. Please come to Nigeria. We need to learn and be educated on physical development and expressive arts” – Kindergarten Teacher, Nigeria.

You can also contact me about commissioning a Dance Connection training for your organization or hiring a  Children’s Facilitator to lead sessions. The sessions are for children and families.  You can arrange a series of sessions or a one-off event for a festival, camp, etc.,

To read more about Dance Connection and the full facilitator training follow this link

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