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NVC Level 2 Practical tools for embodying fluency (2 x half days) online

Have you been practising NVC for a while and find that you want more ease, using the 4 steps in the way that you speak? If so this course may be for you!  Each session includes mindful movement  and dance to support the embodiment of NVC Practices.

December 7 @ 10:00 am - December 8 @ 1:30 pm

| from £175 - £80 for 2 x half days

Would you like to use NVC with more ease, in situations that you find challenging?  

On this weekend 2 session course, 10.00 – 1.30pm both days, we use the 13 step and integration dance floor (created by Gina Lawrie and Brigette Belgrave) to develop more fluency in dialogue using NVC, moving through, the 3 modes of connection. 

You are invited to:

  • Practice NVC in the situations that you find challenging
  • Discover your body’s core strategy for responding to situations that you find difficult
  • Work with breath, gesture, tone, pace, grounded presence and honest expression to find more ease and flow in your relationships.
  • Increase flexibility and choice about the way you communicate.
  • Naturalise the way you communicate with NVC

Each session includes a 30 min break and around 30 minutes of conscious movement and dance to support fluency in nonviolent communication.

You will be invited to share some of your personal life situations, for the purpose of learning and practicing NVC. It is important that you take some time to consider which experiences, you feel open to sharing, prior to joining.

Why include movement in this NVC intermediate training?

Mindful movement and dance works directly to increase somatic awareness, support your nervous system, strengthen resilience, wellbeing and the authentic connection with your self and other people read more

Who is this training for?

This event is for those who want to embody NVC more fully in life.

pre-requisite is that you will have completed a two-day foundation training in NVC, or equivalent. This will ensure a common foundation for intermediate level engagement and practice.

This is what one participant said after the online course:

“I felt in good hands with Tracy – she facilitated a safe and supportive space in which all of us could share, learn, deepen our NVC practice and be community for the time we were together…she managed our time well…and the course content was immediately applicable to my life and relationships”  Julie, USA

“I have always been a little sceptical when it comes to dance and movement. What I learnt during my sessions with Tracy was that by connecting to my body in expressive movement actually connects me with ME. There have been so many instances where my body gives my true thoughts and feelings away, in ways that I never really understood – until now. Thank you Tracy for opening my eyes to a new learning edge for me” Vic, UK


How much does it cost?

Individual rates (if you are paying for the training from your own pocket):

If you earn less than :£20,000 before tax:  £80

If you earn between £20,000 – £30,000 before tax:  £110

If you earn between £30,000 – £45,000 before tax:  £140

If you earn more than £45,000 before tax: £175

I am willing to dialogue with you if these prices would prevent you from coming. Please contact me.

Organisational rates (if your employer is paying for your place on the training)
Small Charity rate:
 £125 (If you work for a charity with fewer than 15 employees).
Public sector / Large Charity rate:  £150 (If you work for a public sector organisation, such as a local council or the NHS, or a charity with more than 15 employees).
Private sector rate:  £185 (If you work for a profit making company).

I am happy to dialogue with you if any of these prices would prevent you from coming.

Please read terms and conditions of my service and privacy policy

What is the NVC Intermediate Training Programme?

This training is part of an Intermediate programme which hosts 12 trainings across the course of a year, approx 6 hours per month. Each training stands alone.

To find a list of the other trainings in this programme, follow this link and click on the drop-down menu: “I want to attend the Level 2 Intermediate Training Programme.”

The programme repeats annually so you can join it at any point in the year and carry through until you’ve completed all twelve trainings. If you do this you will have a comprehensive understanding and practice of key NVC processes (e.g. saying no; transforming anger) and current topics (e.g. trauma; power and privilege). This will help you resolve conflicts more easily and create deeper and more satisfying relationships in your life.

The trainings are facilitated by five London-based certified NVC trainers – Cath Burke, Ceri Buckmaster, Carolyn Davies,  Daren De Witt and Tracy Seed. We are a collaborative group working together to offer you clear learning and progression options to suit you. We are committed to creating a supportive network for those learning, living and sharing NVC both in London and globally. Many of our trainings are currently online.  We hope you will enjoy the richness of themes that this programme offers, along with the variety that comes from the individual perspective and specialism of each trainer.

This is what previous participants say:

“I completed my foundation training at the end of 2021 and, keen to maintain momentum since then, I’ve attended most of these intermediate training sessions.  Without exception, the sessions have been brilliant.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the programme that Cath, Ceri, Tracy, Daren and Carolyn are providing.  And, consequently, my NVC practice has seriously developed over this last year – at times with surprisingly amazing results.  I wholeheartedly recommend the NVC London level 2 intermediate training programme – just what I needed to build on my foundation training.” – Jo W

“I find these trainings so enriching and empowering. They have also given me the opportunity to meet people in other ways, and I am very grateful for this.” – Hannah

“All the trainings are excellent and they compliment each other very well, building a very beautiful tapestry of interwoven skills and concepts.” – Anna E

I look forward to meeting you.


December 7 @ 10:00 am
December 8 @ 1:30 pm
from £175 - £80 for 2 x half days

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